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10 Shades of Burgundy

This morning, while preparing my detox tea, I looked away for a minute, from the bubbling water to the ultra slim tv in the living room. But the tv is not important. I barely turn it on 2 times a month.   Important is what was lying on the table! The grey book. I rolled my eyes with surprise. '50 Shades of Grey'. Oh! *omg*! I bought it when everyone was [...]

Winter, paint me black!

It's official! Winter is finally here and all I can think about at the moment is: where did this year go?! As I am standing here, I have the feeling that somebody accidentally pressed the fast forward button in my life. Mister, I would kindly ask you to press Rewind. So here I am, under the blankets, watching the early sunset while browsing through Pinter[...]