As 2015 flew away and we were cheerfully drinking our glasses of champagne, as our resolution list was in front of our eyes, as 2016 was knocking at our doors, I was standing there in the hotel lobby, listening to the live band singing ‘sugar how you get so fly?’. And yes, I have to admit it sounds better live. Or it is just my personal taste for live, acoustic music.

Between the winks of the members of the staff and a champagne glass up in the air from the man sitting next to my table, all I could think about was the painful bruises I got from snowboarding and oh how i wish 2016 be good to us all. Best wishes to everyone and may this year be the best so far!

The last day of the year caught me snowboarding (practicing my skills, actually *giggle*).



And yes, this is the day when I got the bruises! My knees are black! Were black. Now they are a nice plum colour, almost burgundy. Oh fashionable knees!!! *see previous post*

The evening was hectic. Hurried to the sauna because it’s good for the sore muscles. Drank some tea, laid in the sun after the bio sauna, then went back to the aroma sauna. Oh how I love spas!!!!!!




And the rest of the night was so short! And all I can remember was food and champagne. *lol*

I’ll let the photos speak about it!








Finally, yes! I love oysters! <3

Happy New Year!!!!!