Bucharest is freezing!!! *brrrr*

Despite this fact, we went out for a photo session.

Girls, I know how much we hate these low temperatures, but the possibility of outfits we can wear ( and still be in fashion) is endless. You already know how much I love oversized coats this winter. I am beginning to get worried as it seems to be the only item I am shopping for lately.  This oversized grey coat arrived a couple of days ago and I could hardly wait to wear it. I accessorised my outfit with a statement belt (loooveee it). Enjoy the photos!

These being told, I am in the middle of my bed, relaxing before Friday night out and hypnotised by Delia’s new song! So good! Listen here!


DSC_0857 1

DSC_0815 1

DSC_0810 1

DSC_0828 1

DSC_0821 1


DSC_0808 1


DSC_0934 1


My bestie visited me this week  sooooo…photo credits: Mirela Cristea


Anca ♥♥♥
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Asos oversized grey coat (shop here)

Zara sweater

Poema black fringes skirt

Asos belt (shop here)

H&M over-knee socks

Random brand ankle boots

H&M cat bag