About last weekend: shooting for Ruvix

What have you done last weekend? Weekendul trecut am participat la sedinta foto a prietenilor de la Ruvix! Daca sunteti in cautare de tricouri cu mesaje funny, cadouri sau diverse produse personalizate aruncati o privire pe siteul lor. Nu mai devreme de ieri si-au lansat noua colectie de primavara care are un look fresh si mentine aceeasi linie de prin[...]

Late Happy New Year to Everyone!!!!

As 2015 flew away and we were cheerfully drinking our glasses of champagne, as our resolution list was in front of our eyes, as 2016 was knocking at our doors, I was standing there in the hotel lobby, listening to the live band singing 'sugar how you get so fly?'. And yes, I have to admit it sounds better live. Or it is just my personal taste for live, acous[...]