This morning, while preparing my detox tea, I looked away for a minute, from the bubbling water to the ultra slim tv in the living room. But the tv is not important. I barely turn it on 2 times a month.   Important is what was lying on the table! The grey book. I rolled my eyes with surprise. ’50 Shades of Grey’. Oh! *omg*! I bought it when everyone was buying it, full of hope that it will at least be a nice ‘coffee table book’. I take the risk that many of you may be blaming me, but it was by far the worst book I ever read…oh sorry, started reading. It’s still unfinished, the bookmark separates page 125 from its counterpart, page 126. That’s when I thought writing about 11 shades of burgundy! Why 11? That was not my decision, but my muse’s! She pressed ‘publish’ button before the post would be getting too boring! Why burgundy? Because it’s fashionable and…bold! So, here is my 11 shades of burgundy and the reasons I wear it:

  1. …because burgundy will transform any boring all black outfit into a bold one (see the photos below);
  2. …because it matches almost every skin type and hair colour;
  3. …because burgundy is elegant and playful at  the same time;
  4. …because it is the perfect choice for the sunny, snowless winter that we are experiencing right now, so instead of choosing a big fluffy coat and cap, you can choose a nice burgundy hat or a light burgundy coat for the outfit of the day;
  5.  …because  it has the colour and texture of red wine, which makes us all so crazy and in love *wink*;
  6. …because it is not as powerful as red and not as boring and dull as black;
  7. …because it matches perfectly with the monochromatic outfits and it makes you stand out of the crowd, by simply putting a burgundy coat on;
  8. …because a burgundy lipstick will make your lips… kissable;
  9. …because you want to be noticed and in fashion this season;
  10. …because it brings in confidence and mistery;
  11. …and finally because it speaks for itself ‘look at me’.

On a side note, keep in mind that what makes an outfit stand out is the attitude. Burgundy gives you that extra attitude!

Enjoy burgundy responsible!

P.S: Special thanks to the wind, who made this photo session almost impossible! *giggle*













Swarovski sunglasses

Tally Weijl hat

Random brand burgundy coat

H&M black faux fur collar

Leather leggings (find them on PriveBoutique)

MeliMelo accesories

Random brand ankle boots